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Citizens For Safe Technology: Please join, it's FREE and its US !!! Click on the link to visit the website.

Canadians For Safe Technology (C4ST)
If ever there was a website to talk about and invite people to join (It's FREE) this is definitely the one. This organisation is truly represents and serves we the People and we are honoured that Mr. Clegg, former president of Microsoft Canada champions the helm of this non-profit entity that serves the population so phenomenally and so unselfishly.


We Love Safehavem


Need a Licensed Electrician in Downtown Toronto.  One of CROATIAN ELECTRIC's Electricians llives at Bay Dt. and Dundas St. W. in downtown Toronto. Get 24 Hour Emergency Electrical Service
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The one thing one doesn't see in the beautiful city scene withiin the image below, looking north frrom atop the CN Tower, is all the Electro Pollution that fills the air space - especially so now that wifi is active in the downtown Toronto city core. As the C4ST.org leadership shares in the above link there is a health concern for some (they say 3% of the population in North America suffers from some sort of ehs (electro-hyper-sensitivity)). While Larry Kenneth Balcom understands these and mcs issues (especially when it comes to real estate and living in a healthy home) we are also pleased to network you to North America's Leading EMR Mitigation Specialist (EMR = Electro-magnetic Radiation): www.SLT.co.



View of the Toronto cityscape  west of Yonge Street looking north from atop the CN Tower.


Downtown Toronto, from Bathurst Street in the west to the Don River in the east and from Lake Ontario to just north of Bloor Street, is a vibrant Community and series of Neighbourhood Communities that comprise to makeup the downtown core of the fourth best city in the world (Voted #1 city in North America by the Economist magazine 2015).

At Web Consultant On Call it is all about networking you with the trusted real estate agents and being helpful in the marketing process:  As a marketing specialist we can network you to the best Real Estate counsel / licensed real estate agent for when buying and selling properties in Downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  We are very pleased that our path should have ius serving one of the most experienced and most knowledgeable real estate professionals. and that he is with one of the estatblished and trusted brands in terms of licensed brokerages. This real estate superstar is very knowledgeable in the LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION element and are skilled at both maximizing value as well as commanding cost efficiencies.  We are pleased to network you to ...

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When buying, leasing and or selling / listing real estate you want to protect yourself from those who want to take advantage and use nefarious tactics to gain the upper hand.  Being skilled at selling real estate means one has a better propensity to spot these attempts to out you from your investment.

Most every type of real estate is available within the downtown Toronto core: residentitial, commercial, institutional and industrial although with a decrease in manufacturing  in general and a shift to the suburbs for less expensive prices the focus is on the residential and commercial real estate.

Downtown Toronto Condo Home SOLD

Rosedale Luxury Real Estate For Sale Kitchen Facing Windows

in Rosedale


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Downtown Toronto Condo SOLD

Downtown Toronto Condo For Sale: Prestigious Bellagio

in South Rosedale


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Downtown Toronto Condo For Sale SOLD

Downtown Toronto Condo For Sale With Access To Regers' Centre

in Harbourfront


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Downtown Toronto House SOLD

Located in the South-west corner of Downtow Toronto: This house is on King St/ W. south-east of Roncesvalles Ave.King.jpg

in Roncesvalles

Downtown Toronto Offers These Residential Real Estate Types


and more


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Google maps of Downtown Toronto
Click on the image >>> to view the respective Google map page for the downtown core.


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Downtown Toronto Offers These Commercial Real Estate Types


and more


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Downtown Toronto Google Map: Click on this image to view the Google map page for downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada


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Buying and or selling real estate may often involve utilising the products and services of those offered by our trusted "friendlyville" network of suppliers.


CBR Products = Canadian Building & Restoration Products

Preparing a real estate property for sale may involve have to apply various coatings to wood, stone, masonry and other substrates. CBR Products manufactures quality coatings that are low VOC and at the same time pursue maximum sustainability.  Formulated to withstand the hrsh weather climates of the Pacific North-west and the Rockies the BRODA brand is one to trust and the CBR Products Team exemplifies this. A more nobler and upstanding company you will not find.. Call Toll Free in North America: 1.888.311.5339


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Register.com / Web.com

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Call Maurice Munroe: he will look after you best - be certain to ask him about their IGNITE Marketing program.

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When it comes to downtown Toronto real estate we know the city and can be helpful when selling downtown Toronto Real Estate: we network you to an excellent Team of trusted professionals to pursue the best return. Buying downtown real estate to ensure maximum value for your spend to buy and or sell the property..

Downtown Toronto Homes offer access to many ammenities, citiy services and entertainment associated with metropolitan lifestyle. Toronto being a multi-cultural city means that when living in the downtown core this vast cultural selection is available within a short drive and in some instances a short walk or ride on the TTC (Toronto Transit Commission).  Downtown Toronto = everything so compact compact and in this city's instance, laid out in a grid pattern. From Habourffront to Yorkville, Queen West and Cabbagetown, the Distillery District and the Rogers Centre & CN Tower, so many neighbourhoods each offering their own cultural distinction and diversities.


State-of-the-art Wine Storage In Downtown Toronto, Canada


Living in downtown Toronto for most definitely means space is at a premium. Fine Wine Reserve at King and Spadina is indeed a space-saving service:  Yes now you can live in downtown Toronto and have a wine cellar nearby. The facilty is as if if is it out of a James Bond movie: state-of the art climate controled warehouse specially designed to house fine wines on a consistent yearly basis.  They even have a private lounge area where you as a member can visit to enjoy your vintages with guest.

Bee 23 Natural Beaty Products are to live for :)

Bee 23 Handmade Skin Care Products: Available At These Stores In Downtown Toronto:

The Detox Market

2nd block east of Spadina, north side

Taste of Nature

2nd block west of Spadina, north side

Nutrition House TD

Bay & Wellington Streeets

420 King Street West

Toronto, ON M5V1K1 

Tel: 416.548.9879

380 Bloor Street West
Toronto, ON

Tel: 416.925.8102

66 Wellington St. West,,

Toronto, ON
M5K 1G8

Tel: 416.955.9425

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We are most pleased to network you to Organic Teas Canada a fabulous (as in most loving human beings with a strong business mindset) purveyor of quality teas: Fresh tea at great prices easily shipped into your downtown Toronto location.

Organic Teas Canada offer a large selection of quality teas



Of course we strongly recommend Pat the Soap Lady's Sandy Hook Soap Factory brand: Same great people who bring the above Organic Teas to market.  Best natural air freshners to help stage a real estate property for sale.




Serving delicious mouth-watering pasta salads in the Downtown Toronto Neighbourhoods, The GTA (Greater Toronto Area), Central Ontario and beyond